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LLBFL Jags LYFA Championship Game
by posted 11/18/2019

Sadly, the LLBFL A7 Jaguars lost 23-13 to the CLYFL Jets. It was a VERY hard fought game all the way to the last seconds. We could not be more proud of these boys for representing Sterling in the 2019 LYFA Championship. Keep your head up boys! See you all next season!

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Equipment Return
by posted 11/18/2019

If you have NOT returned your equipment yet, please do so either this Tuesday or Wednesday from 6-8pm at Bill Allen Field. 

This year we are going to be more strict on the quality of equipment returned. When returning helmets, all players are expected to remove decals and wipe down (using a Magic Eraser or Clorox wipes) the helmet to make sure all marks are taken off. PLEASE DO NOT USE GOO GONE AS IT WILL STAIN THE HELMETS. Shoulder pads must be returned in good condition with no major rips/breaks. Also, if players chose to take a pair of practice pants from LLBFL, they must return those in good condition as well. Also, jersey's (game and practice) must be washed and returned.
If a player comes to equipment return with their decals and marks on their helmet or shoulder pads ripping or breaking, we will NOT be accepting their equipment until the above conditions are met. 
If you have any questions, please reply to this email and we will assist you. 
Thank you,



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