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Saturday, August 27th, 2022




Hello Parents! We are looking forward to an exciting and successful season for both you and your children.  If at any time during the season, you have concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Board Member at info@llbfl.org.  As parents, you play a very important role in the success of our program and we encourage you to take an active position. It can be a very rewarding experience for everyone.



PLAYING TIME – Every player present and equipped to play should participate in a minimum of 16 plays including kicking plays and points after touchdown plays, with the exception of A8 league in which each player will participate in a minimum of 12 plays. The Coaches will make their best effort to utilize their players on both sides of the ball.  Players must attend practice in order to qualify for participation in games.

PRACTICE Practice begins August 1st 2022. Your team manager or coach will let you know when and where the practice will be held.

ONLINE REGISTRATION – Online registration will be available through our website at www.LLBFL.org beginning February 1st, 2022 to July 10th, 2022.

REGISTRATION FEE – After May 15th 2022, registration fees will be $320 for A, B and C league and $180 for D league and must be payable no later than Saturday, July 10th, 2022. Failure to make payment will result in your player not recieving their equipment.  There is a discount for siblings that sign up at the same time that will be applied at checkout. You must register all siblings at the same time in order to get the sibling discount.  Any player that has not turned in their equipment from the previous year will not be allowed to register.  No equipment will be distributed to a player whose registration has not been paid.  There will be no refunds issued after July 10th, 2022.  In the event that your child is unable to participate, you must contact the league prior to July 10th 2022 to request a refund in writing to our Treasurer listed in the Board Member section of our site.  Refunds are subject to service charges. 

EARLY REGISTRATION – Early registration will be February 1st 2022 through May 15th, 2022. The early registration fee is $270.00 for A, B and C league and $130.00 for D league.

LATE REGISTRATION – A $30.00 late fee will be charged for anyone who registers after July 10th, 2022.  Cutoff for late registration will be July 10th, 2022.  

SERVICE CHARGE – A $30.00 service charge will be imposed on all returned checks.

PHYSICALS – League insurance regulations require that each player have a CURRENT physical (dated no earlier than May 1, 2022) on file prior to the first practice.  No player will be allowed to participate in any workouts until the coach or team manager receives a completed physical form. 

BIRTH CERTIFICATES New players entering the league for the first time or players that have missed a year, must provide a photocopy of their birth certificate.  You may scan a copy of the birth certificate and email it to or show it at evaluations.

Note: Any player that registers during the late registration period, must show their birth certificate prior to being placed on a team. 

PRACTICES – Each player must participate in five (5) conditioning practices before being allowed to participate in contact with full equipment. We have no practice on the first day of school.  For A and B league, practice will be limited to three (3) times per week after school starts until the end of the season.  For C league, practice will be limited to two (2) times per week after school starts until the end of the season. During playoffs, all leagues will lose 1 day of practice. Exact days of practice will be announced later. All practices will be held at assigned practice fields.  

Note: Players are required to attend all practices.  Any player that has an unexcused absence could only get the minimum plays required by the league. Continual unexcused absences could result in a one (1) game suspension. Any player that has been suspended from school will not be allowed to participate in any Lower Loudoun Boys Football activity, including practices and games.  If transportation is a problem for your child, please contact the coach or other parents on the team.

EQUIPMENT – Equipment will be issued following the draft at the discretion of the equipment manager.  Each team will be notified regarding the date for each teams their equipment pickup times will be provided to the head coach at the draft.  Registration fees must be paid and all required information received (birth certificate and physical for late registrants) in order for a player to be issued equipment.  The league will provide all the necessary equipment with the exception of a practice pants, practice socks and football cleats.  Each player must provide these.  THE SHOES MUST BE ONES WITH MOLDED RUBBER SOLES OR RUBBER COATED SCREW ON CLEATS – CLEATS WITH EXTERIOR METAL SHOWING ARE PROHIBITED.  CLEAT SIZE WILL BE LIMITED TO NO MORE THAN ½” IN LENGTH.  NO ALTERING OF GAME JERSEYS (NO ADDING NAMES OR CUTTING).  NO ADDING DECALS OF ANY KIND TO THE HELMETS OTHER THAN THOSE APPROVED BY THE LEAGUE.  NO ALTERING OR REPLACEMENT OF FACEMASKS ON HELMETS.  ONLY LEAGUE-ISSUED EQUIPMENT SHALL BE WORN FOR SAFETY REASONS. 

NOTE:  Parents will be held liable for all equipment including any damage to pants and jerseys by bleach or improper care.  By signing the attached application, you acknowledge your responsibility for returning all equipment at the end of the season.  You will have one (1) week after the last game of the season to return your equipment (including the game jersey) or you will be billed for the full replacement cost based on the following prices:

Helmet $125.00, Shoulder Pads $100.00 (max.), Hip, thigh & knee pads $35.00, Game pants $60.00, and Game Jersey $100.00.

In the event that you do not return your equipment in good condition (ie; bleached or faded pants and jersey) or pay the full replacement cost, the total cost will be added to the next year’s registration fee and must be paid before your child is officially registered.           

NOTE:  Intentional altering of game jerseys or replacement of facemasks on helmets will not be permitted.  Any violation of the above rule will result in full replacement cost billed to the parents and the player will not be able to participate. 

GAME UNIFORMS – Game uniforms will be distributed at the discretion of the individual coaches prior to the start of the regular season. 

VOLUNTEER DUTY – You will be assigned from time to time to work in our snack bar, work the gate and chains or work in the press box along with other parents on your team or even volunteer to be team mother or team father.  We realize this is difficult for some parents’ due to other obligations; however we simply cannot pay the expenses of the league without the help of every parent. If you would like to opt-out of volunteering, you may pay and additional $200 along with registration.

FUNDRAISERS – Starting this season (Fall 2022), players will no longer be participating in the discount card fundraiser. Registration prices have been increased to compensate for this.


LLBFL RULES AND REGULATIONS – The following rules have been established for Lower Loudoun Boys Football and Bill Allen Field:

  • No use of foul or abusive language,

  • No use of drugs or alcoholic beverages,

  • No smoking,

  • No fighting,

  • No skates, skateboards, rollerblades, bikes, bags or backpacks will be allowed

  • No pets

All players, spectators and parents are expected to abide by all rules and regulations concerning LLBFL and Bill Allen Field as set forth by the Executive Board of Lower Loudoun Boys Football.  Any player, parent, or spectator who violates any rule, either during their game or as a spectator will face suspension for one (1) game or possible removal from the league without exception.  Lower Loudoun Boys Football will not tolerate abusive language or offensive behavior towards the officials at any time.  Any person who violates this rule will be suspended immediately.