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Welcome to the LLBFL Cheerleading Program. We look forward to a fun and rewarding season.

 The following information will be of importance to you and your child. We have included some information to hopefully make this an enjoyable and fun season for your entire family!

Our Fall 2021 season kicks off August 28thth 2021.

Online registration opens May 15th 2021


  • Early Bird special $120 (ends June 20th, 2021 )

  • Regular fee $140

  • Late registration fee $165 (starts July 11th, 2021)



ONLINE REGISTRATION – Online registration will be available through our website at www.LLBFL.org beginning May 15, 2021 or when the league has reached its maximum capacity. 


GAME- Each team will be at the games scheduled by the league, cheerleaders are required to be there 1 hour before their game for warm ups and preparation. 



FUNDRAISER- In order to keep our registration prices low, we ask that all our cheerleaders participate in our fundraiser.  If you do not want to participate in the fundraiser, you can opt-out by paying the additional $120 fee at the time of registration.



UNIFORMS The uniform will consist of: Vest, skirt, bloomers, pom poms and a LLBFL sweatsuit. Cheerleaders will get to keep the LLBFL sweatsuit, hence the added price ($50) to registration

**There will be other items that will need to be purchased by the cheerleaders, your head coach will inform you of what you will need when season starts.**


PRACTICE Practices are held 4 days a week from August 2nd until the 2021-2022 School year begins. During the school year practices are as follows:

B league, A7 league & A8 league – 3 Days a week

Poms, D league & C league – 2 Days a week

All practices will be held at Bill Allen field located in Sterling, VA. The Cheer coach will notify you as to which days of the week you will be practicing.  

Each cheerleader will be required to attend all practices and games at the scheduled times unless your child is sick or is attending a religious class or seminar.

Please keep in mind if your cheerleader has summer plans during our cheer program season, please evaluate your time based on the leagues requirement to be present at all practices and games. Failure to show up to practice will result in your cheerleader being benched during games. Failure to show up to games will result in suspension.

TRANSPORTATION – Each parent and/or guardian will be responsible for providing transportation to and from all practices and games. If you are unable to transport your cheerleader to practice and/or games, please contact another parent on the team or the coach.

VOLUNTEERS-  We are a volunteer run league and we need each family to help out during the season. Your coach will let you know when your team is signed up to work. If you can not or choose not to volunteer, you can opt out by paying $200 at registration in addition to your program fee.

Thank you for your interest on our program.

If you have any more questions about the cheer program, please email LLBFL Secretary, Kasey Bussineau, at krbussineau@gmail.com