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Hello Parents and Players


Here are some great links and information that can help you understand the game of football and how to be safe as a player while practicing and playing the game you love so much!

USAFootball - A good source for ALL things football.

NFL's explanation on Understanding Football (YouTube video)

Disclaimer: We are a youth football organization so we don't have the capabilities of the NFL but the game is all the same.

Football Glossary of Terms - Ever confused by all the terms yelled out by coaches and players? Well her is your cheat sheet! 

Football 101: Basic Terminology

What is required to play the game of Football!


So, what exactly are all those pieces of  equipment meant to protect your young football warrior from injury?  Here's the run-down:

Helmet (LLBFL Provides)

Shoulder Pads (LLBFL Provides)

Mouth Guard

Thigh, Hip and Knee Pads


Jockstrap and Cup


Neck Roll

Rib Brace

Back Brace