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LLBFL is proud to introduce... Spring Ultimate Flag!! 

Started by Ashburn Youth Football League, Ultimate flag is the first and only flag format in Northern Virginia that incorporates the use of helmets and shoulder pads. Like the pros’ spring training, players expand their football skills without fear of major injury as often seen in head on collisions in an unprotected flag environment.The Ultimate Flag Football format allows us to incorporate many traditional football fundamentals and techniques WITHOUT tackling. Players experience the use of football equipment with size-selected helmets and shoulder pads. 

​​The Ultimate Flag program is a great experience for players who will transition to explore tackle football. 

*PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a NO-contact Flag football prog​​ram. There WILL be blocking by the offensive line. 



  • All Players will wear Helmets and Shoulder Pads. Incidental contact to unprotected players cannot be fully eliminated in current traditional flag football leagues, thus a semi-padded uniform combined with elements of flag and tackle football gives young athletes the ability to develop advanced football skills while greatly reducing the risk of injuries.

  • Develop advanced football skills that cannot be accomplished in a traditional flag football environment.

  • No ​r​unning​back​​ weight​ Restrictions (e.g. no red-dots)

  • Grades K through 8th (current school grade​​).

  • ​Players will be reserved to their Fall 2021 team. New players will be placed on age appropriate teams at random.​

  • Games will be played on Sundays to avoid any interference with other spring sports. Teams will practice 1-2 nights per week.  Practices are encouraged but not mandatory as we understand that players might be committed to other spring sports​ that are in season.​

  • The 2022 ​s​eason ​will ​span from mid-to-late March 2022 to mid-June 2022. 

  • ​Almost all of LYFA will be involved, with the exception of ULYFL. ​

Frequently Asked Questions

How many athletes per team? 

We expect to field teams of 12 athletes per team.

Is this a full size field?

No, games on a half a game field - playing two games on each side of the field at a time. The “game field” is 40 yards.

Are there 11 active players on the field during live play? 

No, it is “8 on 8” format.  8 on offense, 8 on defense. 3 lineman per Offense and Defense with 5 “skill” positions on each side of the ball.

Do I need a current physical to play in this league?

Yes, your current year's physical will be satisfactory.  Otherwise you will need to have a physical completed prior to participating. ​(​If you are a new player to LLBFL, you WILL have to provide a current physical.​)​

When do you expect games to be played?

Games will be played on Sundays.

Will there be blocking and rushing (running the ball instead of passing)?

Yes. Most of the common elements of tackle football are incorporated.  Blocking, running, passing, Defensive line, defensive secondary are all elements to this program.  The major difference is that the tackling will take place via de-flagging the opponent.

Do I need to buy helmets and shoulder pads​​

No, these are provided by each participating league for use in the Spring. 

What other equipment do I need to have?

You’ll need to provide your athlete with appropriate lower attire, such as shorts, cleats and a protective athletic cup.